Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dallas Eakins & Charlie Sheen

Sheen's Twitter hashtag is #winning...  Eakins is not using that hashtag.

Daryl Katz & French General

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Raffi Torres & G.I. Joe

Raffi's facial wound is not in the official G.I. Joe cheek location...

"Sudden" Sam Gagner & K.D. Lang

"Hi Mom? There's this lame blog on the interwebs that says I look like some old woman. I, like, so totally want to come home..."

Doug Hicks (1981) & Wild Bill Hickok (1881)

Today, Doug stocks the finest Okanagan Sasparilla, baked beans and assorted sundries at his excellent wine store on 142nd St.....

Dave 'Lummer' Lumley & Richard Simmons

Here we go Oilers, Here we go !!!....Come on people!!!!

Curt Brackenbury & Mutant Hack Comic Carrot Top

Did you know Brack once scored 2 goals in a game against the USSR and Tretiak? Have you seen Carrot Top lately? The Oil could use some of that 'roid muscle on the fourth line.

Ryan Smyth & A Tsunami Victim

One of these men is crying because he lost 11 members of his family. The other is crying because a mean man is making him play hockey for $5.5 Million a year.

The Outcast Daniel Cleary & The Outlaw Jesse James

Glenn Anderson (1979) & Mork from Ork (1979)

Andy made it to the hall finally.....Nanoo-Nanooo!! Pool Party!

Todd Harvey & Bret from The Flight of the Conchords

Do you have just one jumper in space Bowie...or several Ch-ch-changes.....

Oilers President Patrick LaForge & Hank Kingsley


Dustin Penner & Ricky from Trailer Park Boys

Ricky: "!"
Dustin : "!"

Craig MacTavish & Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer

Petersen,'re up!

Glen Sather (1970) & Jon Voight as a prostitute (1970)

"Everybody's talkin' at me.....I don't hear a word they're saying......only the echoes of my mind"

Wayne Gretzky & Meryl Streep have to start with the Great One.